My Bottle Picking Man

My Bottle Picking Man  

I see you immersed in your metal sea of blue,

Searching through the bags of garbage and the hollow boxes

Seeking your treasured bottles and milk cartons.

Suddenly you come up for air and stand  – your knees in a sea of garbage,

Which washes around you flowing backwards

As you shake out a castaway cigarette pack-

One left

You gaze at it with amazement and pleasure,

Like a beachcomber, who has found the perfect seashell.

You raise your hand to me in a friendly “hello”

When I look again , you are gone

But will return on the morning tide.

Sprucewood Library Love Song

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the Sprucewood Library celebrating the Edmonton Public Library’s 100th birthday. It was a happy festivity as everyone was made welcome and offered cake and refreshments.

My poem ” Sprucewood Library Love Song” was part of the Powerpoint presentation in the conference room. The presentation also proudly described the wonderful staff at Sprucewood and the library’s history. I spoke with several people who remembered the “library bus” coming to their neighbourhoods.

A good day.

Congratulations to Elaine Jones and her team. at the Sprucewood Library.  Happy birthday EPL!

Sprucewood Library Love Song

I love you- this I cannot deny,

Read on and I will tell you why.

I hold you close to me at my Alberta Avenue bodega,

Your words inflame my blood, like those of Twilight Saga.

The very thought of you makes my eyes go misty.

Especially your collection of Agatha Christie !

I think of you, my book- filled love, before I go to sleep,

Of whaling trips and sailing ships and all the worlds you keep.