The Vikings are Coming, Again!

Another “Deep Freeze” free family festival is set for this week-end, January 10-11, 2015 on Alberta Avenue in Edmonton. Join us!

“The Vikings are Coming Again!”  so watch out !


A golden craft of Viking lore

shipwrecked, on North Saskatchewan’s shore

would journey northward never more

—it landed with a thud!

Thus this ship with sails so bright

had travelled into its final night

landed faithful, still upright, upon this foreign shore.

Here embarked this fateful few

Norse sailors armed for battle anew

draped in skins, with swords, this crew

headed up Jasper Avenue—with Hildegard at the fore!

They needed nourishment to renew,

and dreamed of grog and venison stew

pasty inhabitants directed the crew

“Go to Alberta Avenue!”

That was enough for Hildegard’s crew

“Onward to Deep Freeze—Come on!”

Having fasted and played, the shipbuilder, Sven,

had an idea to rebuild again

he knew just the wood to use for repair

they chopped down the Christmas tree in Churchill Square!

then hauled that tree down, those Norsemen with vigor

cut into planks with their saws all aquiver.

With Sven yelling orders,

it soon was afloat

those Vikings now clambered on a boat that could float

and cheered the new land

 they were not to remain

but would they ever return again?

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