Tony Two-Timer

FullSizeRender (7)Tony Caterina, the Edmonton city councillor for Ward 7 ( which includes Alberta Avenue ) is running as the Progressive Conservative candidate for Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview. He is still our city councillor, but also a PC candidate for the upcoming provincial election. Obviously, he does not have enough to do as our councillor, if he has time to run provincially. I feel used and betrayed by this move. Well, if his provincial run fails, he can always revert to his backup position as our city councillor. 


 I really thought you loved me

I really thought you cared

until you joined the Prentice team

and then my temper flared.

Has my beloved councillor become a PC “star”?

now I can only gaze at him—

on posters from afar.

I thought you were our councillor

someone in whom we trust

now I perceive our covenant

is made of pixie dust.

Oh, Tony, you may rue this day

your promises are air

for you have used us as a step—

a tread upon your stair.


Happened, On a Sea Can

Graffiti Art by AJA Louden ( used with permission) 118 Ave& 92 St.

Graffiti Art by AJA Louden ( used with permission) 118 Ave& 92 St.

It wasn’t in the scriptures, or on a kitchen scroll

But written on a sea can discovered on a stroll

A metal canvas painting—four words seen everywhere

“We Believe in 118” began this earnest prayer.

It’s written in graffiti art, it’s sprayed so faithfully

That we believe, don’t be deceived, it shouts in victory!

Graffiti commentary, this mural marking ground

In open air, the people stare, and gather all around

To look, to wish, to ponder  what aerosol proclaims

 “We believe in 118”

Remembering the names, of those who came before us

In whom this dream began “We Believe in 118” to that we say “Amen!”