Otter Street

This month Jonathan Weller continued in his series of articles in the Rat Creek Press on the history of the Alberta Avenue community. I was struck by the change of street names to numbers ( Rat Creek Press April 2013: 10) , and decided to have a bit of fun with the idea of Otter Street.

Otter Street

I slip quietly out of the Rat Creek

I am sleek, and furry and musky

It is night, but my eyes gleam red like lasers.

I am headed for 90th street, once Otter Street- named after me.

I scratch dirt into a pile, marking my place- my street

Then I stop and groom my beautiful fur ,

Dirty from an afternoon of sliding on the river’s muddy banks


I stop, peering into the darkness, nose twitching, listening

Then a sound

Another otter.

We exchange an otter salutation

Standing together, glistening, shining in the moonlight.

This street- this Otter Street- this 90th Street

My home.

Here’s a link to Jonathan’s article. Enjoy!

May Your Heart Soar Today

May your heart soar today as we wait expectant

For the wash of new color to start slowly moving through the earth

This ice and mud iconography

This spiritual archaeology

This listening sound.

To once more stand beneath the wings of geese returning

Not unlike the wings of prayer

Touching the velvet source of all life

May your heart soar.

May you swim up next to the fishes

As the frozen pools are released

And finally break through to the surface.

Shiny and bright

So real, so divine, so you.