If I Were A Trout

This morning I went swimming at Commonwealth Pool. The background music at the pool contains a lot of songs from the early Beetles, from the 60’s and 70’s. It’s like being young and living at home again. I join the solitary lane swimmers and pull against the water, moving from darkness to light as I swim through the dancing sun beams coming through the windows, and write this poem.

If I Were A Trout

When I swim up next to you

We two would swim the trail of the trout before us.

We fight our way upstream,

Between and over the water- smoothed rock paths

Reaching the air and flashing our rainbow tails,

Which glint in the luminous light- a tiny cameo of the heavenly rainbow.

We would pass by fires burning the forests

And swim through the reflected red in the water.

We stir the silt-filled earth, which flows shattered downstream,

As we careen over, through and past the elements.

Ignoring, destroying, changing- being changed.

The light illuminates,

The earth moves,

Water flows by,

Both joining and separating us.

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