Tony Two-Timer

FullSizeRender (7)Tony Caterina, the Edmonton city councillor for Ward 7 ( which includes Alberta Avenue ) is running as the Progressive Conservative candidate for Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview. He is still our city councillor, but also a PC candidate for the upcoming provincial election. Obviously, he does not have enough to do as our councillor, if he has time to run provincially. I feel used and betrayed by this move. Well, if his provincial run fails, he can always revert to his backup position as our city councillor. 


 I really thought you loved me

I really thought you cared

until you joined the Prentice team

and then my temper flared.

Has my beloved councillor become a PC “star”?

now I can only gaze at him—

on posters from afar.

I thought you were our councillor

someone in whom we trust

now I perceive our covenant

is made of pixie dust.

Oh, Tony, you may rue this day

your promises are air

for you have used us as a step—

a tread upon your stair.


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