My Staycation

This year I decided to enjoy the wonders of Alberta Avenue by having a Staycation.

Hope you enjoy my pics!

This is me floating in one of the many public pools open this summer.

What is happening with Commonwealth Rec Centre anyway?!

This is the third summer that it has been closed for some reason.

One must adapt I suppose.



After a cool dip, I grabbed something to read from our “Little Free Library.” John Sandford is a favorite summer reading author of mine featuring Lucas Davenport, the rule-breaking, poetry-loving detective.  

library pic stay

We are lucky to have so much wildlife on Alberta Avenue. Here I am with a rabbit and a moose.

rabbit stay

moose stay

A Staycation is a good time to smell the flowers.

Aaaah, lovely!


 This is me in an angelic pose. I’m in heaven on my Staycation.  


Alberta Avenue is a wonderful place to spend a Staycation.

However, watch out for the moose!


Talk to you later… and have a happy Staycation!




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