Happened, On a Sea Can

Graffiti Art by AJA Louden ( used with permission) 118 Ave& 92 St.

Graffiti Art by AJA Louden ( used with permission) 118 Ave& 92 St.

It wasn’t in the scriptures, or on a kitchen scroll

But written on a sea can discovered on a stroll

A metal canvas painting—four words seen everywhere

“We Believe in 118” began this earnest prayer.

It’s written in graffiti art, it’s sprayed so faithfully

That we believe, don’t be deceived, it shouts in victory!

Graffiti commentary, this mural marking ground

In open air, the people stare, and gather all around

To look, to wish, to ponder  what aerosol proclaims

 “We believe in 118”

Remembering the names, of those who came before us

In whom this dream began “We Believe in 118” to that we say “Amen!”  

“We Believe in 118”

"We Believe in 118"

“We Believe in 118”


The “We Believe in 118” community coalition began a sign initiative along 118 Avenue, which has  gained noticeable momentum, judging by the number of signs visible in the windows of businesses and organizations on Alberta Avenue. With the advent of Christmas, the word “believe” is highly visible. I wrote this poem as I pondered the meaning and power of this word in the Alberta Avenue community. 


As I walk down the Avenue,

I notice lots of signs

“walk”  “don’t walk”  “yield”

“line starts here”

I see as I pass by.

But there’s one sign that gives me pause,

I feel it through and through

“We Believe in 118”

Long live the Avenue!

“Believe” is such a simple word, a history of light,

a sign upon the Avenue, morning, noon and night.

The fates of those who slumber here, rest upon this word

like snowflakes on graffitied walks, lay upon the curb.

But a battle rages underneath, crying to be heard,

As we look forward, onward now—

whispering the word.