I had a fun time this past week wandering around AVEFEST 2015 on Alberta Avenue. There were parachute games, free food, nail whacking, more free food, water balloons, snakes and ladders, marshmallow creations, stilt walking and did I mention more free food!

Even Tinker Bell made an appearance, so it must have been magical.

And as our emcee often reminded us “It’s all free!”

Great job Aaron and April Au and your team!

There was also kite flying, which inspired this poem.

Just imagine…

Sky View

Sky View

 There is a song you bring to me

A melody of community

Of children laughing, playing fair

Of joy, Of love

From way up there

Tethered by a single thread

You blink and wink and nod your head

As seagulls wonder who you are

This tailed invader from afar


 The circle opens wide

One more child can step inside

You see in this euphoric sight

Abundant community taking flight!



Abundant Communities

This spring, Alberta Avenue started the Abundant Communities Initiative. Here is a poem which I wrote about that.

 Abundant Communities 

We’re taking this opportunity

To create an abundant community

Whether teacher, lawyer, lion tamer or such,

Abundant Communities will get you in touch.

Your choir, so dour,

With a single voice,

P1020133 (1) (1)

90th Street, Edmonton

Abundant Communities will give you a choice.

Want company for walking your brand new pup?

Abundant Communities—

We will hook you up.

Sewing or gardening, or yogaing or more

Abundant Communities will give you the score.

We’re a gift to each other

It’s really quite true

When we get together

On the Avenue.


Check out Abundant Communities in the April and May 2014 editions of The Rat Creek Press