Rubber Boots and Bow Ties Put a Twinkle in My Eyes

The Alberta Avenue Community League is hosting a garden party!

“Rubber Boots and Bow Ties”

When: Friday, May 29 at 7:30 p.m.

Where: Alberta Avenue Community League (93 St. and 118th Ave.)  for tickets

Digging in the garden

Oh what joy abounds!

Love surrounds, ethereal sounds, waking all around

Setting out my garden gnomes in the brilliant sun

Dancing in the flower bed, what delightful fun!

Birds are singing, bells are ringing, sprinklers all a-spray

I’ll put away my parka—this seems a likely day.

We need a get-together, we need to celebrate

What about a garden party?

Oh, I just can’t wait!

I’ll simply be a vision in rubber boots and such

But I’ll have to find a bow tie,

for the final touch

So, gather with your neighbours and new friends you’ll meet

Join the garden party—                                          

Rubber Boots and Bow Ties- the gnome version

Rubber Boots and Bow Ties- the gnome version

just head off down the street.


Abundant Communities

This spring, Alberta Avenue started the Abundant Communities Initiative. Here is a poem which I wrote about that.

 Abundant Communities 

We’re taking this opportunity

To create an abundant community

Whether teacher, lawyer, lion tamer or such,

Abundant Communities will get you in touch.

Your choir, so dour,

With a single voice,

P1020133 (1) (1)

90th Street, Edmonton

Abundant Communities will give you a choice.

Want company for walking your brand new pup?

Abundant Communities—

We will hook you up.

Sewing or gardening, or yogaing or more

Abundant Communities will give you the score.

We’re a gift to each other

It’s really quite true

When we get together

On the Avenue.


Check out Abundant Communities in the April and May 2014 editions of The Rat Creek Press