Chewy and Amy

Welcome back to more dogs on Alberta Avenue!

Today we are going to meet Chewy and Amy.

Mom, Grandma and Chewy

Mom and Grandma with lovable Chewy


Hi Chewy!

Our second dog of the day is Amy


Amy at Kaleido

Well, those are today’s two additions to dogs on Alberta Avenue.

See you soon…





Chase, Rocky and Teddy

Look out!

Here comes an explosion of sweet, doggie cuteness coming your way.


Chase enjoying Kaleido


Chase is a happy Kaleido aficionado

Prepare for a Pair!

These two could Kaleido all night long!

Rocky and Teddy

Rocky (left) and Teddy (right)

See you later doggiegator…


3o Dogs in 30 Days!

Hello All! And welcome to “30 Dogs in 30 Days!”

A compilation of dogs on Alberta Avenue. Roof, Rrroooof!

This month I have challenged myself to create a montage of 30 Alberta

Avenue dogs in 30 days. Some pictures will be accompanied by poems

and some will not. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy them.


Ty 2                                             Ty and William


You are the smaller shadow walking beside me,

Your tags creating tinkling music to my ears,

More resounding than Beethoven

Bright as Clair de Lune

Your wagging tail, orchestrating a maestro’s furry baton

As we walk

You leading the music between us

Two companions. Two friends. Together.

Ty 4