Yesterday afternoon, many of us on Alberta Avenue were keeping watch for the Canadian Forces Snowbirds Aerobatic Team fly-by  and we were not disappointed. “Operation Inspiration” fly on!

Here they come!



Leaving rivers of Santa’s white whiskers behind


Sonic Boom

Hearts Bloom

Snowbirds embrace us all

As they fly 

Hope glinting through


Rivers of Santa’s white whiskers behind 

A gift

in the summer sky. 




Grieve This Day on Golden Pond


Front Porch Memorial on Alberta Avenue

As I write this poem, days after the Humboldt Broncos hockey team bus crash in Saskatchewan, my heart and all of the hearts here on Alberta Avenue, go out to those who are grieving today.

Grieve This Day on Golden Pond

“Prayers for Humboldt”

“Shattered Lives”

All signs of the times today

Grief unimaginable

Flying flags half-mast.

Yet, heart to heart and hand in hand

We reach around the World.

Green and yellow and golden threads embroider

this time, this day, this hour, now yours.

Your green lives in the prairie grasses,

Your yellow glows in the never-fading light

Bright yellow hair ruffled by a new wind,

Blows across this golden pond of ice

Forever binding us

Broncos strong.



Faces on a Wall


Hello everyone!

Welcome back to Bard of the Avenue.

When I took this picture; painted on the side of the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts and the Stollery Gallery on 118th. Avenue; I was struck by the silent, unmoving, unnaturalness of a rigid face, a face not in motion; not alive. I was intrigued by the idea of faces on a wall and I wrote this poem.

Faces on a Wall

Tell me a story, young faces of glory

An act on this brick stage.

Emoji stones faces, erases

A blink, a wink, a pout, a rage

Blow me a kiss- I miss.

Granite brow without wrinkles, or crinkles

The rain pouring down never falters – never alters

This page.




I Love Lucy!

day 5

Which way will we go?!

Down 111 Avenue, up 92 Street, over to 118th Avenue??

Which way?

You stop, the fur standing straight up on your neck

It’s a rabbit!

Let’s look at the rabbit!

“Come on, Lucy” I haul you back.

Is that a kitty under that porch? Let’s go look at her.

“Lucy! Leave the cat!”

You shrug your shoulders, a begrudging O.K.

Taking inventory of your territory

You notice every change every nuance.

At home, I give you a treat and prepare to leave

Knowing that when I return

You will be on the other side of the door


Your paw over your nose

Dreaming of our next great adventure.

day 4





3o Dogs in 30 Days!

Hello All! And welcome to “30 Dogs in 30 Days!”

A compilation of dogs on Alberta Avenue. Roof, Rrroooof!

This month I have challenged myself to create a montage of 30 Alberta

Avenue dogs in 30 days. Some pictures will be accompanied by poems

and some will not. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy them.


Ty 2                                             Ty and William


You are the smaller shadow walking beside me,

Your tags creating tinkling music to my ears,

More resounding than Beethoven

Bright as Clair de Lune

Your wagging tail, orchestrating a maestro’s furry baton

As we walk

You leading the music between us

Two companions. Two friends. Together.

Ty 4

Village Upside Down


Village Upside Down

Greetings from a Village Upside Down!

Once again the Deep Freeze team has pulled off a successful winter family festival on Alberta Avenue. Word is that roughly 40,000 people were in attendance. A record!

This year, the wily, creative Deep Freeze family festival team came up with the theme “Village Upside Down.” Here are my thoughts on that.

Village Upside Down

Come inside this house so rare

enter by the attic stair

Trees stand

roots up in the air

Hatred becomes love


In our village upside down.

Our mayor

when he is able

holds court atop the council table.

Tails wagging down and up

Oceans fit into a cup

In our village upside down.

The town clock strikes midnight at twelve noon

sounding so eerily out of tune

while children play ‘neath a silvery moon

In our village upside down.

Butterflies, Blossoms, Birds and Billboards


Today  I was surprised and excited when I noticed a billboard with a painting by local artist, Maria Pace-Wynters, beside the Stadium LRT Station on Stadium Road.

It is entitled  “I Can See My Dreams”

Congratulations Maria! What a treat to be driving down Stadium Road and see your art!

Of course, I wrote a poem about it…

FullSizeRender (37)

 Fair face

Suspended now

Youth exaggerate

Lushly growing things, seen through a gossamer wing

As from your thoughts arise, birds, flowers. Butterflies

This child, this muse, this dream

A wallpaper of life



Early Sunday morning, a car was left abandoned in front of our house. By Sunday afternoon, someone had smashed in the car windows leaving a scene of violence behind them. Shattered glass covered the lawn and pavement surrounding the car. I still feel myself tense up when I think about it. Smash!Down are the words that I use to describe what I saw.

There’s a curve in the words


Glass shards hit the ground

in a see-through sound


No light savior behavior

Just a grin that turns in

Music born from within

You repeat to the beat






One is a lonely number- for a bicycle !

Bicycles in Amsterdam

Bicycles in Amsterdam

Greetings everyone! We have just returned from Amsterdam.

Bicycles are rampant there as the city moves in a seamless ballet of pedestrians, cars and bikes. There is the occasional horn honk or brake screeching, after which the city’s inhabitants glance at each other muttering the word “tourist” under their breath.

 On the Avenue, you might see a couple of bikes chained to a rack, but in Amsterdam there are crowds of bicycles huddled together. They have designated bike lanes, separated from the traffic, making it safer. There are also thousands of kilometers of bike trails running next to the highway in the Netherlands. Bicycle heaven!

One is a lonely number- for a bicycle!

One is a lonely number- for a bicycle!

Amsterdam inspired me to get out my bike and write this poem.

Night rain

water sprays behind my tires

plopping fluid drops

merging together

smelling clean and cool


lone cyclist with a newly-made sun

lighting my path

this Alberta Avenue morning