Village Upside Down


Village Upside Down

Greetings from a Village Upside Down!

Once again the Deep Freeze team has pulled off a successful winter family festival on Alberta Avenue. Word is that roughly 40,000 people were in attendance. A record!

This year, the wily, creative Deep Freeze family festival¬†team came up with the theme “Village Upside Down.” Here are my thoughts on that.

Village Upside Down

Come inside this house so rare

enter by the attic stair

Trees stand

roots up in the air

Hatred becomes love


In our village upside down.

Our mayor

when he is able

holds court atop the council table.

Tails wagging down and up

Oceans fit into a cup

In our village upside down.

The town clock strikes midnight at twelve noon

sounding so eerily out of tune

while children play ‘neath a silvery moon

In our village upside down.