I met Buzz and his owner, Amy, at Kaleido. So inspiring!

So, of course, I wrote a poem…


Cats shudder as we thunder down Alberta Avenue

Birds screech

Squirrels scamper

Earth worms duck back into their holes

The world steps aside

It is me

It is I

It is Buzz.


Amy and Buzz2

Amy and Buzz at Kaleido


MacGyver, Bailey and Jake

Missing your daily dose of doggies?

Well, hang onto your seat, because here comes some beauties that  I

met at Kaleido.

Our incredible Family Festival on Alberta Avenue was made even more

incredible by these Festival goers!

Pam,Bailey and MacGyver

MacGyver (left) owner Pam and Bailey (right) at Kaleido

Bailey and MacGyver 2

Bailey and MacGyver



And here’s Jake…


Jake the cutie!


Jake – twice as cute the second time around!

Wait ’til you see tomorrow’s lineup

See you then…







Samantha and Luna and Valley


Kyle, Luna (left) and Samantha (Sam) (right)


Welcome to the blog which celebrates the furry bundles of bliss,

 those canine companions, which we cherish and spoil, who live in the

Alberta Avenue community.

I am starting today off with a double treat, Luna and Sam. I spotted

these two black beauties on my walk today. Aren’t they gorgeous!


Luna (left) and Sam (right)

Next, I met Valley and her owner, Julie.


Julie and Valley

Julie told me that Valley is a rescue, but has blossomed into a full blown

Princess. Go for it girlfriend! According to Julie, she is over-treated and

over-toyed. Well, when you are a Princess, that is only to be expected.

Tune in next time for more doggie treats!



Maluma and Rowan

Maluma 3


Today’s dose of doggie bundle of furry wonder is brought to you by Maluma and Rowan.

Maluma has silky, long ears and her coloring is beautiful, like the leaves of fall.

Maluma 2

Maluma amid the leaves

My next doggie and owner couple are Rowan and Raberta.

R 2

Rowan and Raberta


Rowan is a beautiful, black German Shepherd youngster with big ears and huge paws

Well, I will see you later with more doggie goodness on

Alberta Avenue.









Tonight I ran across a cute bundle of miniature poodle named

Felony-Rose and her owner, Tammy, on Alberta Avenue.


Felony-Rose 1

Felony-Rose and Tammy

Tammy says that every dog needs two names. One for when they are good and another for when they are not. You can figure out for yourself which is which in Felony-Rose.

Felony-Rose 2

Felony-Rose and Tammy    What a cute pair!


Bully and Luke

Hello All!

Today I have two beautiful dogs to share with you who I met while on a

walk in the Alberta Avenue community.


This is Bully with Uncle Vince


Bully is a real cutie or what?!

I next spied Luke and his owner, Diane

Luke and Diane3

Luke and Diane


Luke- what a noble brow!

Catch Ya later, with, of course, more dogs from Alberta Avenue!








I Love Lucy!

day 5

Which way will we go?!

Down 111 Avenue, up 92 Street, over to 118th Avenue??

Which way?

You stop, the fur standing straight up on your neck

It’s a rabbit!

Let’s look at the rabbit!

“Come on, Lucy” I haul you back.

Is that a kitty under that porch? Let’s go look at her.

“Lucy! Leave the cat!”

You shrug your shoulders, a begrudging O.K.

Taking inventory of your territory

You notice every change every nuance.

At home, I give you a treat and prepare to leave

Knowing that when I return

You will be on the other side of the door


Your paw over your nose

Dreaming of our next great adventure.

day 4