3o Dogs in 30 Days!

Hello All! And welcome to “30 Dogs in 30 Days!”

A compilation of dogs on Alberta Avenue. Roof, Rrroooof!

This month I have challenged myself to create a montage of 30 Alberta

Avenue dogs in 30 days. Some pictures will be accompanied by poems

and some will not. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy them.


Ty 2                                             Ty and William


You are the smaller shadow walking beside me,

Your tags creating tinkling music to my ears,

More resounding than Beethoven

Bright as Clair de Lune

Your wagging tail, orchestrating a maestro’s furry baton

As we walk

You leading the music between us

Two companions. Two friends. Together.

Ty 4

My Staycation

This year I decided to enjoy the wonders of Alberta Avenue by having a Staycation.

Hope you enjoy my pics!

This is me floating in one of the many public pools open this summer.

What is happening with Commonwealth Rec Centre anyway?!

This is the third summer that it has been closed for some reason.

One must adapt I suppose.



After a cool dip, I grabbed something to read from our “Little Free Library.” John Sandford is a favorite summer reading author of mine featuring Lucas Davenport, the rule-breaking, poetry-loving detective.  

library pic stay

We are lucky to have so much wildlife on Alberta Avenue. Here I am with a rabbit and a moose.

rabbit stay

moose stay

A Staycation is a good time to smell the flowers.

Aaaah, lovely!


 This is me in an angelic pose. I’m in heaven on my Staycation.  


Alberta Avenue is a wonderful place to spend a Staycation.

However, watch out for the moose!


Talk to you later… and have a happy Staycation!




Village Upside Down


Village Upside Down

Greetings from a Village Upside Down!

Once again the Deep Freeze team has pulled off a successful winter family festival on Alberta Avenue. Word is that roughly 40,000 people were in attendance. A record!

This year, the wily, creative Deep Freeze family festival team came up with the theme “Village Upside Down.” Here are my thoughts on that.

Village Upside Down

Come inside this house so rare

enter by the attic stair

Trees stand

roots up in the air

Hatred becomes love


In our village upside down.

Our mayor

when he is able

holds court atop the council table.

Tails wagging down and up

Oceans fit into a cup

In our village upside down.

The town clock strikes midnight at twelve noon

sounding so eerily out of tune

while children play ‘neath a silvery moon

In our village upside down.

Butterflies, Blossoms, Birds and Billboards


Today  I was surprised and excited when I noticed a billboard with a painting by local artist, Maria Pace-Wynters, beside the Stadium LRT Station on Stadium Road.

It is entitled  “I Can See My Dreams”

Congratulations Maria! What a treat to be driving down Stadium Road and see your art!

Of course, I wrote a poem about it…

FullSizeRender (37)

 Fair face

Suspended now

Youth exaggerate

Lushly growing things, seen through a gossamer wing

As from your thoughts arise, birds, flowers. Butterflies

This child, this muse, this dream

A wallpaper of life



Early Sunday morning, a car was left abandoned in front of our house. By Sunday afternoon, someone had smashed in the car windows leaving a scene of violence behind them. Shattered glass covered the lawn and pavement surrounding the car. I still feel myself tense up when I think about it. Smash!Down are the words that I use to describe what I saw.

There’s a curve in the words


Glass shards hit the ground

in a see-through sound


No light savior behavior

Just a grin that turns in

Music born from within

You repeat to the beat






One is a lonely number- for a bicycle !

Bicycles in Amsterdam

Bicycles in Amsterdam

Greetings everyone! We have just returned from Amsterdam.

Bicycles are rampant there as the city moves in a seamless ballet of pedestrians, cars and bikes. There is the occasional horn honk or brake screeching, after which the city’s inhabitants glance at each other muttering the word “tourist” under their breath.

 On the Avenue, you might see a couple of bikes chained to a rack, but in Amsterdam there are crowds of bicycles huddled together. They have designated bike lanes, separated from the traffic, making it safer. There are also thousands of kilometers of bike trails running next to the highway in the Netherlands. Bicycle heaven!

One is a lonely number- for a bicycle!

One is a lonely number- for a bicycle!

Amsterdam inspired me to get out my bike and write this poem.

Night rain

water sprays behind my tires

plopping fluid drops

merging together

smelling clean and cool


lone cyclist with a newly-made sun

lighting my path

this Alberta Avenue morning



Hello everyone !

We have just returned from an enjoyable holiday in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

Walking on the Halifax waterfront, I spotted this piano, which is covered because of fog and drizzle or RDF (rain, drizzle and fog). It reminded me of home and the piano which sits in front of the Carrot Café. Pianos in public spaces for people to play seems to have caught on across the Country.

Queen's Warf, Halifax, Nova Scotia Public Piano

Queen’s Warf,
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Public Piano

Carrot Café Piano 118th Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

Carrot Café Piano
118th Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta


Fingers run up and down the keys

#children run back and forth chasing an ocean wave

notes reach a crescendo, then wane

Fingers run up and down the keys

leaping slowly, like mule-deer dancing through the grain

sound stopping on one clear note held low and long


Fingers run up and down the keys

a sprinkle of sound like #Depression dust settling to the ground

only to be whisked high and round

into the throbbing drum of combines cutting wheat

Fingers run up and down the keys

staccato horns blaring, laughter lilting

the smooth sound of #jazzy blues mixing with coffee

Fingers run up and down the keys

pounding, then gently, like velvety water rippling

chromatic gulls drifting


#calling, calling






Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

I saw this sign as I was walking on Alberta Avenue. It made me think of the beautiful writing of the Beatitudes and inspired me to write this piece.

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Blessed are the poor in Spirit

So the good book said

Blessed are the stony benches

Where homeless lay their head

Blessed are the streetwalkers

Who struggle with their clothes

Blessed are the places

Lost cigarettes repose

Blessed are the mothers

With children held too tight

Blessed are the poets

Who gaze into the night

Blessed are the ones who listen

As the church bells knell

Blessed are the spirits

Who look beyond the shell

Blessed are the ones who work

For glad fraternity

Blessed are the poor in spirit

For all eternity.


I had a fun time this past week wandering around AVEFEST 2015 on Alberta Avenue. There were parachute games, free food, nail whacking, more free food, water balloons, snakes and ladders, marshmallow creations, stilt walking and did I mention more free food!

Even Tinker Bell made an appearance, so it must have been magical.

And as our emcee often reminded us “It’s all free!”

Great job Aaron and April Au and your team!

There was also kite flying, which inspired this poem.

Just imagine…

Sky View

Sky View

 There is a song you bring to me

A melody of community

Of children laughing, playing fair

Of joy, Of love

From way up there

Tethered by a single thread

You blink and wink and nod your head

As seagulls wonder who you are

This tailed invader from afar


 The circle opens wide

One more child can step inside

You see in this euphoric sight

Abundant community taking flight!